Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why mobile signal strength drops?

    The main reason for low mobile signal strength is due to non-availability of mobile towers in such areas or being too far away. The reason for the low mobile signal strength is also the construction buildings which obstruct the mobile signal, in fact concrete and metal are used to make any building which weakens the mobile signal. Even in urban areas where the signal strength is generally good, the combination of more webs can lead to the formation of a dead zone where the signal strength of your mobile becomes negligible.

  • Does mobile signal booster really work?

    Absolutely Mobile Signal Booster solves hundred percent weak mobile signal if you have trouble talking on mobile phone or call dropped message is not delivered or internet is not working then after installing Mobile Signal Booster this will help you. All the difficulties will go away.

  • Does Mobile Signal Booster work well for all telecom service providers?

    Absolutely Mobile Signal Booster work well for all telecom service providers.

  • How to increase mobile signal for free?

    There are some easy steps by following which we can improve mobile signal to some extent for free.

    • Update your mobile software.
    • Turn Airplane Mode on and off.
    • Use Wi-Fi calling.
    • Reset Network Settings.